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A dirty car is an eyesore, and while automated car washes may seem like an excellent way to remove dirt and grime, the result pales in comparison to old-fashioned handwashing. Though it is a chore that some dread, the right tools are crucial to streamlining the process and ensure a vehicle looks showroom ready. Using quality products will not only make it easier to clean a car, but most are formulated to repel dirt and grime for days and even weeks after application.

At Premium Detail Pro, we learned the hard way that even the most expensive products require proper application techniques. To help combat this challenge, our team of auto detailing experts sourced the highest quality tools and chemicals available today. With a little determination and a bit of elbow grease, anyone can retain the overall visual appearance and value of their vehicle through regular handwashing and interior detailing techniques. Our massive inventory of products is designed to simplify the process of cleaning a car and will keep the inside and outside of any size vehicle ready for the road ahead!

Let’s Start at the Beginning

One of the biggest blunders that most consumers make when washing a car is failing to prepare the paint for cleaning. A pretreatment product dissolves the buildup of previously applied waxes and sealants and will break down any oils that may have collected on the surface of the vehicle. Failing to pretreat will allow these contaminants to remain on the surface of the paint, and may result in a foggy or clouded appearance after washing. Just place the specially formulated pretreatment product in a sprayer and apply an even coat over the entire surface of the vehicle. Allow the product to sit on the paint for the recommended amount of time and then rinse it to remove months’ worth of road debris buildup.

So, you’ve taken the first step and prepared the vehicle for cleaning! Awesome job! Next, it’s time to begin the extensive cleaning process! Our inventory of top-quality cleaning tools takes the guesswork out of the equation!

Equip Yourself

Nearly everyone has a bucket of dried up car cleaning sponges sitting in their garage at the ready. Using old sponges not only makes cleaning a car more time consuming, but they harbor dangerous bacteria and bits of debris that can lead to scratches. At Premium Detail Pro, we have tried a variety of shampoo applicators, and few of them compare to reusable wash mitts and natural ocean sponges. Most of the products we have in stock are made of natural fibers and are washing machine safe which keeps debris and bacteria at bay.

Now that you have selected a wash mitt, it’s time to determine how to get those luxurious suds onto the surface of the vehicle. Our vast selection of buckets allows a person to find the perfect one for their needs and budget. Buckets equipped with wheels are the things dreams are made of, as they glide effortlessly around a car and without the backbreaking work of picking them up.

Is the use of a bucket too old school for you? Don’t fret, as a foam applicator is a perfect way to say goodbye to a bucket for good. Our massive inventory of foam cannons makes it easy to find the perfect one for any job, and they are designed to work with nearly any hose or pressure washer system. Just fill up the reservoir, attach it to the hose, and get ready to enjoy a steady stream of foamy, soapy goodness!

Ok, your car is clean, and now you’re wondering what’s next, right? Well, we are glad you asked! Don’t go applying wax and paint protectors just yet, as proper drying is crucial to eliminating water spots and the presence of streaks.

A Rather Dry Activity

Anyone who has ever washed a car or truck knows the sheer horror they feel when water spots and streaks begin to form. It’s enough to make anyone throw in the towel, and actually, that’s just what you should do! A standard cotton towel may appear to offer maximum absorbent qualities, but once they become wet the only purpose they serve is to push the water around on the surface of the vehicle. And this will inevitably lead to water spots.

For individuals seeking a tried and true method, a chamois may be their best bet. All natural hide based rags are super absorbent, and the soft leather surface will not scratch paint, and in fact, will help create a lustrous shine on any vehicle.

Premium Detail Pro understands that old school techniques may not be appealing to everyone, so don’t fret! We also have a variety of vacuum cleaners that are equipped with exhaust systems and make drying a car fun and fast!

Are you looking for other options? Well, we have plenty! Our selection of microfiber cloths and silk constructed drying cloths ensure the perfect way to keep a car spotless for nearly any person or budget.

Don’t Forget About the Wheels

You have cleaned your entire vehicle, and after rinsing and drying it, the wheels still look dingy and dirty. It’s a common rookie mistake to overlook the importance of using a specially designed cleaner for the wheels of a vehicle. Don’t worry though, as we offer a vast array of products that will have any wheels looking spotless in no time!

At Premium Detail Pro we stock a variety of water-based wheel cleaners that power through built on grease and grime, leaving the wheels of a car with a beautiful shine. Many of our products are also safe for use on tires, and are simple to use! Just spray the cleaner onto the wheel and tire and allow it to sit for the recommended amount of time. Finally, scrub the surfaces with a nylon brush, making sure to get in between any cracks and crevices before rinsing it clean.

Hey, you did it! Your car is clean and looks great, but let’s not stop there! The best way to keep that new car shine is to protect the paint with an application of wax.

Time to Protect That Paint

Scratches and other imperfections are heartbreaking, but recent advancements in car cleaning technology have led to the development of products that help keep the paint on a car looking perfect.

Premium Detail Pro stocks a plethora of traditional automotive waxes, and while these tried and true products are the favorites of many, our team of detailing experts agree that they fall short in offering protection from scratches, oxidation, erosion, and thermal damage. Mr. Fix Ceramic Car Coating is standing by to help. This unique product uses nano-technology to create a glass-like surface on any vehicle. Not only will it keep a car looking shiny, but it offers protection from minor scratches, dirt and grime, and graffiti.

Let’s Take It Inside

Well, you’ve done it, you have restored the exterior of your car. Lucky for you that you used products from Premium Detail Pro, and were able to clean your car in a fraction of the time, which means you still have the energy to sort out that messy interior!

Dust Be Gone

That sleek interior is one of the things that you love about your vehicle. The problem, however, is that it is full of cracks and crevices that are the perfect place for dust and dirt to settle. Never fear, as Premium Detail Pro is here, and we offer a variety of auto detailing tools that make removing dust easier than ever.

Good on you for removing dust from the dash and surrounding areas. Now, let’s tackle those seats and floors.

A traditional household vacuum may seem like a good option, but they are usually bulky and cumbersome and lack the suction power needed to remove pet hair and other stubborn dirt from automotive carpet. We know this struggle all too well and have quality, powerful automotive vacuum cleaners in stock and ready to ship. Not only are they some of the most reliable models on the market, but their small size makes them easy to use and store.

Is your car equipped with leather seats? Are you wondering how to keep them supple and free of cracks? Lucky for you, you found Premium Detail Pro!

Leather Care

One of the most significant benefits of leather seats is that they don’t harbor allergens and dust, and they are easy to clean. The problem though is that many consumers forget to properly condition their seats, which may lead to cracks and discoloration.

 Fortunately, we have a variety of quality leather cleaners and conditioners that will allow natural hide to retain moisture and remain pliable and comfortable for years into the future. Don’t forget to grab an applicator, as it will ease the process of massaging the conditioner into the leather grain and prevent the formation of scratches that commonly result when using a traditional cotton towel.

Don’t Forget About That Dash

You are doing great! You have the outside looking perfect, and the seats and floors of your car are now clean and free of dust and debris. We’re not quite done yet, however. The dash of a vehicle is subjected to an extreme amount of abuse and must contend with the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Sure, wiping it off will clean it, but it won’t protect it from splitting and cracking as the interior temperature of a car rises.

A vinyl and rubber protectant helps keep dash materials safe from the heat of the sun by keeping it pliable, which prevents shrinkage and cracking. Not only are they beneficial, but they are super simple to use. Just spray the protectant of your choosing onto the dash and buff it into the surface using a microfiber cloth. We carry products of all sheen levels, which allows a car’s interior to have a stunning shine or a matte finish.

Focus on the Glass

The windows in a vehicle provide the driver with an unobstructed view of the road ahead and behind, yet they are one of the least cleaned surfaces in a car. Don’t make the mistake that most novices make and use standard household glass cleaner. While it won’t damage the glass, it will make the cleaning process more complicated.

We have a variety of spray and aerosol glass cleaners that will eat away dirt and debris and leave a glass window looking spotless. Tired of dealing with the lint left behind by paper towels? We have you covered. Our lint-free microfiber cloths take the guesswork out of sparkling clean glass and will allow anyone to clean the windows of a vehicle in a fraction of the time.

But at Premium Detail Pro, we don’t stop there! Be sure to check out the glass treatments we carry, as they are designed to repel rainwater and prevent the formation of fog, which will ensure a driver always has a clear view of the road. Not only are these products easy to use, but they protect for weeks after application.

The right tools and top quality products will transform washing a vehicle from a dreaded chore into an exciting and fun hobby! Be sure to check out all of the products we carry, and if you’re in need of some inspiration, be sure to check out our detailed instructional videos that will have anyone cleaning their car like a professional in no time.

Though we can’t prove that a cleaner car runs better, maintaining the exterior and interior of a vehicle ensures it is always ready for the road ahead and will retain its value and its beauty long after it is paid off.

Don’t delay any longer! Start browsing our substantial online inventory today and snag the latest products that make cleaning a car or truck of any size as smooth as possible. It’s the first step in protecting the overall investment of a new car purchase and will allow the owner to drive with confidence and in style.