Ceramic Car Coating

Mr. Fix 9H Ceramic Car Coating: Affordable Protection That Lasts

Mr. Fix 9H ceramic coating provides strong, comprehensive paint protection that lasts for years. A single application of this advanced formula binds to the finish of a vehicle and creates an impenetrable ceramic barrier that rates a nine out of ten on the Mohs hardness scale.

Advanced nanotechnology allows Mr. Fix 9H to create a smooth, rugged layer that shields a vehicle’s finish against dangers of many kinds. Instead of sticking to microscopic crevices and irregularities, foreign substances simply slide right off the slick, ceramic Mr. Fix 9H coating. Vehicles treated with one affordable, long-lasting application of Mr. Fix 9H benefit by staying:

Clean. The hydrophobic and oleophobic polymers in Mr. Fix 9H make moisture, oil, and grease bead up and run off. With a thin but durable layer of ceramic forming a surface that is smooth down to the molecular level, grime and dust simply cannot accumulate. A vehicle’s finish stays pristine between washings and keeps looking great for longer.

Protected. Every daily driver comes into contact with road-borne hazards like debris that can harm even a high-quality finish. Mr. Fix 9H adds a reliable layer of protection that absorbs the brunt of these stresses without trouble. Instead of worrying about finish damage and repairs, Mr. Fix users enjoy the confidence that comes from an industry-leading Mohs hardness rating.

Polished. Mr. Fix 9H also does away with the need to polish vehicles to keep them looking great. The transparent, high-tech compounds found in Mr. Fix 9H enhance the beauty of car finishes while providing reliable protection. The clear, sparkling shine that comes from one application of Mr. Fix 9H lasts for years, reducing or eliminating the need to wax and polish.

Mr. Fix 9H ceramic coating is the best way to keep any car, truck, or other vehicle protected and looking great. This advanced, high-tech product is also:

Easy to use. Long-lasting Mr. Fix 9H is even easier to apply than car polish. After being allowed to cure, a coat of Mr. Fix 9H will provide protection for years, despite taking only minutes to put down. Mr. Fix 9H is also safe to use on everything from painted body panels to windshields and chromed parts, making application even simpler.

Affordable. Few car care products can deliver the value that Mr. Fix 9H does. For far less than the cost of a single paint repair or detailing service, Mr. Fix 9H will keep a vehicle’s finish protected and looking great for years. Even just the money saved on washes and wax will cover the cost of Mr. Fix 9H many times over.

Safe and environmentally friendly. The molecular ceramic, advanced polymers, and other ingredients that make Mr. Fix 9H so effective are all non-toxic and ecologically responsible. There are no harsh chemicals to damage vehicle finishes or the environment, and nothing else to worry about, either.

Protects Against a Full Range of Threats

Mr. Fix 9H was designed to account for all of the many dangers that the average vehicle’s finish faces. The comprehensive protection provided by this advanced ceramic coating minimizes the threat associated with issues like:

Heat. Simple exposure to heat can cause the pigments within even top-quality vehicular finishes to degrade quite quickly. The insulating layer of ceramic that Mr. Fix 9H creates helps prevent heat from working its way within. That keeps the paint on cars, trucks, and other vehicles looking brighter and more vibrant for longer.

Ultraviolet. The ultraviolet radiation (UV) found in sunlight can cause paint to fade over time. Mr. Fix 9H filters out UV so effectively that a vehicle’s finish will stay looking showroom-fresh for years.

Oxidation. Over time, the transparent top-coats that help vehicle finishes appear so attractive can lose electrons to a process known as oxidation. The dull, chalky look that results is one of the most common complaints of all among car owners. Mr. Fix 9H prevents oxidation by shielding vehicle finishes from the environmental hazards that cause it.

Corrosion. Almost all types of metal found in cars, trucks and other vehicles are vulnerable to corrosion. The impenetrable layer of protection that Mr. Fix 9H provides keeps costly, ugly corrosion from ever getting started.

Scratching, chips and other physical damage. The ceramic coating that Mr. Fix 9H leaves behind is just as durable and resilient as it is slick. Instead of leaving behind unsightly scars, potentially damaging impacts and contacts will be repelled effortlessly by layer of transparent ceramic with a Mohs hardness rating of nine.

Perfect for All Kinds of Vehicles

Mr. Fix 9H is an especially versatile product that was formulated to work perfectly with virtually any type of vehicle. Owners of vehicles including the following can benefit greatly from applying Mr. Fix 9H themselves:

Cars. A single bottle of Mr. Fix 9H will be enough to completely coat many compacts, hatchbacks and other smaller cars. Where mid-size and full-size cars require a second bottle for full coverage, enough will generally be left over for future usage.

Trucks and sport utility vehicles. Two to three bottles of Mr. Fix 9H will cover even heavy-duty pickup trucks and the largest sport utility vehicles. The protection that Mr. Fix 9H provides is particularly valuable on job sites and when traveling off road.

Motorcycles and ATVs. One bottle of Mr. Fix 9H will typically provide complete protection to two or more motorcycles, dirt bikes, or all-terrain vehicles.

Boats. Mr. Fix 9H can be applied both above and below the waterline to keep boats protected, too. Ceramic-based Mr. Fix 9H even stands up well in challenging, salty marine conditions.

A Small Investment Into Years of Protection and More

There are few things more frustrating than seeing damage or dirt mar the beautiful finish of a prized vehicle. For an extremely affordable price, Mr. Fix 9H provides protection against many possible problems for years.

As an especially effective, easy-to-use, versatile product, Mr. Fix 9H ceramic coating is an option that every vehicle owner will do well to consider. There is no better, simpler, or more affordable way to keep a car, truck, or other vehicle looking great for years to come.